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New tool that assists you in finding Houston School Districts and Houston Zoning Information. You can find links, if available, to school district's Search by Address tool or map, district phone number, reports and option to email or print. Consumers can find out what elementary school, middle school, or high school campus lies within their zone by using a school district's address tool.

School Zones

Campus Name Grade Level Phone Number Rating Details
Aldine High School (281) 448-5231 Acceptable View Details
Aldine J J A E P (281) 449-1011 Not Rated View Details
Aldine Middle (281) 985-6580 Acceptable View Details
Aldine Ninth Grade School (281) 878-6800 Recognized View Details
Anderson Academy (281) 878-0370 Recognized View Details
Bethune Academy (281) 878-0380 Acceptable View Details
Black Elementary School (281) 878-0350 Recognized View Details
Bussey Elementary School (281) 878-1501 Recognized View Details
Calvert Elementary School (281) 985-6360 Recognized View Details
Caraway Int (281) 878-0320 Acceptable View Details
Carmichael Elementary School (281) 878-0345 Acceptable View Details
Carroll Academy (281) 878-0340 Exemplary View Details
Carter Academy (281) 878-7760 Recognized View Details
Carver H S For Applied Tech/Engine (281) 878-0310 Recognized View Details
Compass (281) 985-6264 View Details
Conley Elementary (281) 537-5418 Recognized View Details
De Santiago Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 985-7500 Not Rated View Details
Drew Academy (281) 878-0360 Recognized View Details
Dunn Elementary School (281) 233-4320 Recognized View Details
Eckert Int (281) 985-6380 Acceptable View Details
Eisenhower High School (281) 878-0900 Acceptable View Details
Eisenhower Ninth Grade School (281) 878-7700 Acceptable View Details
Ermel Elementary School (713) 466-5220 Recognized View Details
Escamilla Int (281) 985-6390 Recognized View Details
Francis Elementary School (281) 985-6500 Acceptable View Details
Garcia-Leza Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 985-6037 Not Rated View Details
Goodman Elementary School (281) 878-0355 Recognized View Details
Grantham Academy (281) 985-6590 Recognized View Details
Gray Elementary School (281) 878-0660 Acceptable View Details
Hall Education Center AE: Acceptable View Details
Hambrick Middle (281) 985-6570 Recognized View Details
Harris Academy (281) 878-7900 Recognized View Details
Highpoint (281) 449-1011 View Details
Hill Int (281) 878-7775 Acceptable View Details
Hinojosa Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 985-4750 Not Rated View Details
Hoffman Middle (713) 613-7670 Acceptable View Details
Houston Academy (281) 878-7745 Recognized View Details
Johnson Elementary School (281) 985-6510 Acceptable View Details
Jones Ec/Pre-K/Kg Center (281) 446-1576 Not Rated View Details
Jones Elementary School (281) 446-6168 Recognized View Details
Keeble Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 878-6860 Not Rated View Details
Kujawa Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 878-1514 Not Rated View Details
Kujawa Elementary School (281) 878-1530 Recognized View Details
Lane School (281) 985-6350 Acceptable View Details
Lewis Middle (281) 209-8257 Acceptable View Details
Macarthur High School (281) 985-6330 Acceptable View Details
Macarthur Ninth Grade School (281) 985-7400 Recognized View Details
Magrill Elementary School (281) 233-4300 Recognized View Details
Marcella Int (281) 878-0860 Recognized View Details
Mendel Elementary (713) 694-8002 Recognized View Details
Nimitz High School (281) 443-7480 Acceptable View Details
Nimitz Ninth Grade School (281) 209-8200 Acceptable View Details
Odom Elementary School (281) 878-0390 Recognized View Details
Oleson Elementary School (281) 985-6530 Exemplary View Details
Orange Grove Elementary School (281) 985-6540 Recognized View Details
Parker Int (281) 233-8930 Acceptable View Details
Plummer Middle School (281) 539-4000 Recognized View Details
Rayford Int (281) 233-8901 Recognized View Details
Raymond Academy (281) 985-6550 Exemplary View Details
Reece Academy (281) 878-0800 Not Rated View Details
Reed Academy (281) 985-6670 Acceptable View Details
Sammons Elementary School (281) 878-0955 Exemplary View Details
Shotwell Middle (281) 878-0960 Acceptable View Details
Smith Academy (713) 613-7650 Recognized View Details
Spence Elementary School (281) 539-4050 Recognized View Details
Stehlik Int (281) 878-0300 Recognized View Details
Stephens Elementary School (281) 985-6560 Exemplary View Details
Stovall Academy (281) 591-8500 Acceptable View Details
Stovall Middle (281) 878-0670 Recognized View Details
Teague Middle (281) 233-4310 Acceptable View Details
Thompson Elementary School (281) 878-0333 Exemplary View Details
Victory Early College High School (281) 878-7885 Exemplary View Details
Vines Ec/Pre-K Center (281) 878-7950 Not Rated View Details
Wilson Int (281) 878-0990 Recognized View Details
Worsham Elementary School (281) 985-6520 Recognized View Details
The searched properties are located with the same zip code as the selected school. You should independently verify the geographic boundaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property.

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